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I am not a blogger

March 17, 2011

so i must start off by saying that i am not a blogger. i have another blog, but it really isn’t a blog. i created it so that i would have a place to post the articles that i write for the local newspaper, the valley citizen. i tried adding random posts so that i could garner a following (is garner the right word)? alas, i never stayed on top of it. why? mainly because i am a perfectionist when it comes to my articles. if people are going to be reading them then i want them to be edited, filled with recipes that have been tested to make sure others can come out with the same results and include pictures so that they look good.

there are often times though that having a space to work on a draft, other than in microsoft word, would be valuable. as i am trying to work harder on this hobby and turn it more into a side job, i realize i need practice. and so i have created another blog under the name pazza ragazza. the title of this blog is the nickname i gave to my “crazy girlfriend” of a niece, fiona.

i am going to use this space to try and post daily…or almost daily, i do work four jobs. i will not be editing or revising. i will just write what i think and hope that it gives me the practice i need to get this career up and running.  i really don’t care if anyone reads it.i will write about what i am cooking. i will write about what i want to do with food. i may post pictures if i have them. i might link articles that i find interesting and want to look at again later.

and so here i end my first “blog” entry. it was a good distraction from the article i am writing for the citizen on substitutions. but alas it is st patty’s day and i need to get to the store to buy a corned beef before it is too late.


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