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fast, easy and delicious

March 18, 2011

when i was in college i studied in italy for a semester. i was an art history major so for the “thanksgiving holiday” (yes i know they don’t have thanksgiving in europe but i was going to an american university) i went to paris. over the course of the 5 days i went to several museums, the louvre, the pompedeu, muse d’orse and the picasso museum. i was busy. i also ate an insane amount of crepes. mostly i ate nutella e noiseu (i can’t spell french)…nutella and hazelnut. a few years later i started frequenting farmer’s markets. my favorite thing…the crepe stand. i would wait in line for 15 minutes before ordering and wait another 15 minutes for the crepe to be made. my favorite on these occasions were the savory ones. such a yummy breakfast. if a farmer’s market lacked the crepe stand, it just wasn’t a farmers market to me.
i love crepes, but had i ever made one before 2 nights ago. for some reason i thought they would be difficult to make, difficult to flip….i was missing out.
at work i was commenting how i was not using up our week supply of milk. jeff and i have a milk share with a local friend’s dairy. each week we get 1 quart of beautiful raw milk in a jar. heather recommended that i use the milk and our chickens eggs to make crepes. my mind started racing…yes! greuyer, ham, spinach, mushrooms…heather commented, “you don’t do something and then you go all out.”
yep i do. were they delicious? yes. were they simple? yes? are they my go to weeknight dinner now? hell yes!

Simple Crepes

crepes are similar to blintzes and i think this recipe actually gives you more of a blintz thickness. the thicker the crepe/blintz the better it will handle more ingredients. the more milk you add, the thinner and more delicate the crepe. for fillings you can go either sweet or savory. butter, sugar, jelly, nutella, ham cheese, veggies, cottage cheese. whatever you little heart desires.

serving size: ~3 10″ crepes, allowing for one messed up one to start

3 eggs

3/4 c flour

1/2-1 c milk

1/2 tsp salt or 1 tsp sugar (optional)

butter (for pan)

scramble the eggs, add flour and mix to form a paste. slowly add milk until the desired consistency is reached.  add salt or sugar if deisred.

heat a 10 inch pan until very hot. add a small pat of butter. slowly pour enough batter to fill the bottom of the pan. (i pulled the pan off the burner and swirled it around so that the batter was evenly spread out). if you pour in too much, just pour some back. let it cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute. the bottom will be slightly browned but not crispy. take a spatula and pick up one side and flip it over. (most likely the first one will be a dud. don’t worry the second will be perfect). if you are melting cheese, place it on the top of the crepe along with the other ingredients. good for another 30 seconds to 1 minute and remove from heat.

add the rest of your toppings and fold it. eat immediately.

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