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choose your own adventure

March 21, 2011

i am in the midst of working on my next article for the paper on substitutions. i just went off on a lovely tangent about choose your own adventure books, but i think i am going to cut it…as really it is more like one of those diagrams where you answer yes or no. as i cut it, i thought i would just post it here and expand on it. oh how i loved choose your own adventure books.

When you discover that you are missing an ingredient from a dish, it is kind of like entering a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. For those of you who missed out on this series of young adults books, you started reading the book like all others and then when you got to page 5 or so, something would happen and you would have to make a choice. For instance, if the book was about the old west you could be walking down the street and have to decide, do you enter the saloon or keep on walking. You would then have to turn to different pages to see the outcome of your decision. Of course I usually cheated and looked at both pages to see which one ended happily.

“You enter the kitchen and decide to make… a. beef carpaccio (turn to page 6) b. chicken soup (turn to page 8).

p. 6 “you have beef, capers, arugula, salt and pepper. you are out of lemons. a. go to the store to get lemons (p 10) b. use balsamic vinegar (turn to p. 20) c. don’t worry about it just eat what you have (turn to p 9)

p. 9 you make your carpaccio without acid. it tastes bland and boring. it doesn’t satisfy you and you end up making a unsatisfying frozen pizza instead. the end.

oh how i loved those books…oh how i seem to be craving beef carpaccio. time to get a good meat supplier i guess.

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