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2:30 and i’m still in pajamas

March 28, 2011

yes, i do feel a bit slothish, but i do have a reason for not yet getting changed. one month from today jeff and i leave for our honeymoon. yes, we are finally getting out of town for a proper trip and will be spending just under a month in italy with a 2 day layover in munich.

in order to make the trip financially possible and so that we may experience true italian culture, we signed up for WWOOF (worldwide worker opportunities on organic farms). how it works is, you sign up and get a list of farms that are looking for volunteers. in exchange for a certain amount of hours of work per day/days per week, they give you a place to stay and meals. working honeymoon? at first it doens’t sound too exciting, but if you know me and jeff it makes sense. not only do we get to be outside, but i get to speak italian and learn about italian food and jeff gets to work with his hands.

for the past 2  hours (after working on my latest article for the paper) i have been reading page after page of farms. it is insane how many farms there are available. over 400 to be exact. so now our job is to narrow it down to a few for me to contact and hope that it works out. so far my ideal is a farm with animals for milking and meat, where they make their own cheese and cured meats, have bees for honey, fruit and vegetable gardens, an olive oil grove and vineyard  with amazing wine, love to cook and teach people about regional cuisine, have horses, a lake, be in the mountains, close to the sea, speak some english for jeff, have accommodations in an old farm house with hot water and are looking for couples who want to stay for only a week or so. that isn’t too tall of an order is it?

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