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The Art of Substitution and Random Pics

March 29, 2011

I just sent in the final draft of my latest article for the Valley Citizen. Don’t have much desire to type anymore today so I thought I would post a link to that article on the single chef page as well as some pretty food pics that I don’t have any reason to use otherwise.

The Art of Substitution

Hand grinding flour

My experiments with pasta making. the far left ball is with store bought white flour. Next to that is store bought whole wheat. Then we have the two balls of dough made with the flour that I ground from local wheat berries. The far right ball was made with the wheat bran still in it…not so good. Best one out of all four attempts was the pasta made from flour that I ground and then sifted to remove the bran (second from right).

Neopolitan Pasta(left to right: store bought white, store bought wheat, homemade wheat)

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