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Finally the Deep Fryer…and Kitchen Disaster Explained

April 2, 2011

Thursday night we headed our friends’ for a fantastic birthday dinner. We were asked to bring a beverage and an appetizer. Usually I spend quite a bit of time debating what to bring to parties such as these…we go to a lot of pot lucks. This time though, it was almost instant…I will make arancini. I have been wanting to make these for years but without a deep fryer it is mostly a pain in the rear. So, I cracked and pulled the deep fryer that we got as a wedding gift out of storage and used up Tuesday night’s risotto making arancini. The process was pretty simple and people seemed to really enjoy them.

First you take a little of the risotto and roll it into a ball that is about 1″ in diameter. Take a small chunk of mozzarella (I purchased a few string cheese sticks because they were cheaper than buying a whole ball and I only needed a little) and smoosh the mozzarella into the middle of the ball. Next roll the balls in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, roll them around in a bit of scrambled up egg and coat with breadcrumbs.









Finally drop them in the deep fryer for a few minutes. You want them to be in there long enough to melt the mozz in the middle and get golden brown on the outside.



And now onto the kitchen disaster… Babi’s Pound Cake. Turns out the culprit was a very poorly calibrated oven. I went to Ace Hardware and bought an oven thermometer thinking ‘how off can this oven be? 20-30 degrees…’ Turns out I was WAY off and so was my oven. After allowing it to preheat for an hour at 350 degrees I checked…500 degrees! Are you kidding me? I love me my new stove, but jeeze. Guess that shows how much baking we have been doing as I didn’t destroy anything too badly after 4 months of usage. JH Appliance should be coming over in the next week or so to fix it. Hope they can fix my “simmer” burners while they are at it.

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