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Mixing Traditions

April 4, 2011

When I was a kid, my dad had 2 desserts that only came out for special occasions and guests…chocolate mousse and grand marnier souffle. As a child I loved to be lucky enough to lick the spoon when he was making his mousse. Today, I couldn’t possibly care any less about chocolate mousse, but grand marnier souffle…YUM! This dish is all that is right in the world of desserts. It is light, fluffy, not achingly sweet and with a little booze in it to kick! My brother on the other hand laments the fact that my father passed away without passing on the mousse recipe. Luckily for me I got the souffle recipe a few years ago when I was making an intimate Christmas dinner for me, Jeff and another couple.

This of course should be where I would post a picture of the souffle along with the recipe. Alas, my binder with personal recipes is still lost within our storage unit. So why do I torture you so? Well, I may not have the Grand Marnier recipe, but I did recently have to buck up and make what truly is a combination of my dad’s two fancy desserts: Bittersweet Cocoa Souffle with Orange Blossom Cream.

You may wonder why I say that I had to buck up. Well, I subscribe to Bon Appetit magazine and each month I go through the mag and earmark recipes that I would like to try. I also make fun of those recipes that are filled with ingredients that people outside of Manhattan cannot find. One such ingredient was Orange Blossom Water. I found the idea of this liquid silly. I thought the cream sounded lovely, but really…where does one in the middle (well south east corner) of Idaho find such an ingredient? A week later my coworker showed up at Pendl’s with a bottle of none other than, orange blossom water. In your face Mel, apparently the liquor store in Jackson sells the stuff. Who knew? Well the orange blossom water sat on my counter for a few weeks, and I realized that I had to eventually tell Heather how it turned out.

When I go for a big culinary adventure night…I can’t just stop at a main dish. I have a tendency on these nights where I have more than 2 hours to cook to create a salad, entree and baked dessert. This week it was risotto and burnt pound cake along with a roasted beet salad. The week in question it was homemade spaghetti, meatballs and the chocolate souffle.

And so, I threw down. I made my spaghetti. I made my meatballs. And yes, I whipped up my chocolate souffle with orange cream. How was it? Was it the perfect balance of Mike Flynn’s chocolate mousse and grand marnier souffle? Yeah, I guess it was. The souffle was rich and chocolaty. The orange cream was light, fluffy, not achingly sweet and with a little booze in it to kick! You guess which part of the recipe that I will make again.

For the recipe, follow this link: Bittersweet Cocoa Souffle with Orange Cream



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  1. April 26, 2011 11:03 pm

    Mel, I applaud your efforts and encourage you to plow through to excellence.

    Sorry I didn’t get around to commenting sooner, but I always thought the GM souffle was Julia Child’s. Am I wrong? Isn’t it from “Mastering The Art…?

    • thesinglechef permalink*
      April 26, 2011 11:06 pm

      thanks bill. not sure if the souffle is julia’s but i am almost positive that the chocolate mousse is hers. what am i saying? this is mike flynn we are talking about…of course the souffle is julias! this next month should give me ample fodder to write about. thanks for checking out the blog.

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