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April 23, 2011

You are at work…minding your own business, when your boyfriend/fiance/husband calls to say, “hey hon. I will be home soon. Oh and by the way, I have a pig’s head for you.”

This doesn’t happen to normal people you say. Ok. I believe you. Luckily/Unluckily it has happened to me, not once but twice. The first one happened almost two years ago. I was reading a book called Heat. In this book, the author claims that the best Pasta Carbonara is made not with bacon, prosciutto or pancetta, but guanciale. I was intruiged as I had never heard of guanciale. I did a little research and found that a. it was cured pig cheeks and b. you an make these at home is under a month. I was hooked with the idea of making guanciale…only problem was living in a small town in Idaho without access to a fully stocked butcher shop. Luckily, living in a small town in Idaho, lots of people raise pigs and I figured I would be able to quickly find someone who was not in need of their pigs cheeks. I figured when they butchered the animal, they could just pass along the jowls. Unluckily, people around here seem to think that it should be MY job to cut out my own cheeks. For more on my first attempt at guanciale check out this Single Chef post. You can also read a freelance article that I wrote about the experience here.

And so, this is how my day played out yesterday, Luckily/Unluckily Style. Luckily/unluckily is a lovely car game to play on road trips. Everyone takes a turn…the first person is luckily, the next unluckily and so forth.

I was at work yesterday when luckily my husband called. But unluckily he told me that I had to skip the gym when I was finished with my day because…luckily he scored a head from a 550 pound pig…unluckily, a snow storm was brewing and the head needed to be butchered that night…luckily, you had attempted this once before with 2 pigs heads…unluckily, this head was exponentially larger than either of the previous two heads and I have no idea if I actually cut the right stuff out…luckily I ended up with lots of pig fat and meat…unluckily, I now have to dispose of a very large swine head…luckily I think my chickens will love it…unluckily, Jeff and I are leaving in two weeks so once again I think it best if I freeze the cut up meat and wait until we return to try a new curing method.

Whew…that was a luckily/unluckily day. Of course it was much better than the one my poor friend Signe had when we played the game on our college senior year spring break. We made everything bad happen to her. Her response to each unluckily…”luckily I have a cup.” Wonder if a cup can help us with all this pig head?

Pigs head pictures to follow….


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