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nothing says romance like hitting up a concentration camp

April 30, 2011

day 2

nothing says romance like heading to a concentration camp. yes it is true, we spent day 2 of our honeymoon looking at gas chambers and crematoriums. after a night of no sleep, jeff and i hopped on the train to dachau. the art museums i had hoped to spend the afternoon at were closed due to it being may day, which is labor day around here. i am glad that we went and that we took the tour. dachau was the first concentration camp and the one in existence for the longest period of time. hitler started it when he took over in 1933 and it was liberated 2 months after the war had actually been won….atleast that was what i thought they sais…anyway it was 66 years ago to the day, may 1st. quite a depressing day, yet both jeff and i were happy to have had the opportunity to experience it. we unfortunately missed the may day festivities downtown but got to go and numb our amazement at the brutality of some humans at the haufbrau haus.

ah the haufbrau haus, munichs largest beer hall. it brought back fomd memories of drinking beer in the rathskeller at madisons memorial union, slamming boots of beer at dottys dowry off of state street and listening to polka music at the essen haus. jeff and i found a large table right behind the oompah band, plopped down and promptly ordered two needed beers. jeff tried a liter of the original helles while i stuck with thie .5 liter weisse bier. yum.

on a side note, everyone thought that jeff and i would be eating up a storm, but to be honest, we barely ate in germany. with the time change, lack of sleep and general confusion that our bodies were going through we just weren’t hungry. that being said, i put my lack of appetite aside and ordered a traditional bavarian dinner and haufbrau haus specialty, crispy roasted pig knuckle with potato dumplings, a pretzel (we were in bavaria right)? and of course the ubiquitous side of sauerkraut. the meal was served even faster than our beers and i must say it was not the most appealing dish. it looked like a giant overly crispy chicken wing accompanied by two perfectly round dumpling balls, swimming in a sea of thin brown gravy. i peeled back the crispy pig skin to reveal a leg surrounded by dark, succulent meat. as i took the first bite, i hate to say the cliche but it tasted just like dark meat chicken. quite boring really. next i dug my fork into the bowl of sauerkraut hoping to strike pickled cabbage gold two days in a row. no such luck. (martha, no contender there). the dumplings i thought. the dumplings will save this meal. ouch…they were gelatinous and without flavor. at least there was the pretzel…the dry, bland, cold pretzel….funny enough, i dislike gravy. i know jeff says it makes me unamerican. but i have to say, this gravy was delicious. perhaps all of the dishes that i dislike should be presented to me along side flavorless forgettable foods. perhaps then i will grow an appreciation for them. just a thought.

to finish our meal we consumed four to eight more beers and we ordered an apple streudel to share with our new friends, meike and elvis. this coupke was wandering aroundnllokng for a spot to park it, so we askwd them to joinus at our table. meike, a german woman, had not had good apple strudel since childhood. i told her of the delicious strudel that i sell at pendls and that i had heard the haufbrau haus had one that was similar. again, not a chance. it was served with vanilla pudding for starters even though it said ice cream on the menu. dont get me started on vanilla pudding. chocolate pudding, ok. pudding pops, sure why not. but vanilla pudding? even bill cosby wont touch the stuff. to top that, meike said that the strudel at aldi (yes chicagoans the same chain grocerybstore asnin the city, aldi…the stock up store) was better than this one. ouch. and so dear haufbrau haus, i recommend you stick to making beer, selling steins and playing polka music. i do recall eating a bratwurst there 15 years ago when i was last in munich for octoberfest…it was a good brat. ok, you should stick to wurst, beer, steins and polka.

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