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time travel is rough

April 30, 2011

Day 1

After a long flight which included several glasses of wine, a baileys on the rocks, one diazepam, some sort of putanesca pasta, 1 bad chick flick and a 3-4 hour nap, jeff and I arrived in Munich. What a culture shock it always is to go to a place where you know all of about two words. Danke, bitte…bier…ok I know three words. Jeff and I are both thoroughly trashed. We got in, checked into our hotel after wandering around aimlessly trying to find schillerstrasse and took a 3 hour nap which was not sufficient to say the least. We wandered into the old downtown and found a small market with about 5 stands. We stumbled through tasting and buying some wurst and 2 kinds of cheese including one of my old faves, cantal. The vendor thought I was nuts when I ordered all of about 100 grams, but hey we were just buying enough for tomorrow’s breakfast. Oh how can I forget, we also stopped at a cafe to buy a coffee. Unfortunately the Germans are just as confused about the definition of a machiatto as Starbucks. For the record, a machiatto is a shot of espresso with a dollop of foamed milk. At Starbucks it means a large, caramel and vanilla latte with a wallop of whipped cream. Here, it apparently means a cappuccino. Who knew? I do look forward to true Italian doppio machiattos in just a few short days.
Jeff and I then wandered around the city. We stumbled upon some sort of a crazy judo/gymnastics/karate/break dancing exhibition to techno music under the glockenspiel.

Finally I decided I needed a bathroom so we hopped into the spatenhaus for a bier, toilet and a small bite to eat. Sorry martha pendl, but your sauerkraut has been usurped…ok, it hasn’t been usurped, I just found a new flavor that was delightful. As far s I can gather they stewed it with some sort of cured pork and apple cider vinegar. Delightful. Jeff asks…how many ways can you make saurkraut? Good question. We also had some pretty tasty small pork wurst and light and airy schpetzl. So far, the culinary honeymoon is going well.
As the day went on it got more amusing. We walked till I started to get blisters and heard in the distance some sort of brass oompa band. We followed the music and what should we come upon? Some sort of a gay pride party drag queen contest included. Quite fun and truly enjoyed the aperol spritzer that I was introduced to. Great summer dry to bring back home.
And so…jeff and I thought we could make it another few hours but alas we are zonked. Time to call it s day and get a real nights rest. Tomorrow, a breakfast of cheese and sausage from the market, heading to the big market with the may pole for may day, 2 museums and polka music and schnitzel at the haufbrau Haus. I’m tired already.

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  1. chris permalink
    May 1, 2011 4:25 am

    and through it all you write this blog!!!! you my friend, I mean sister, are the schnitzel. Keep doing what you do Mel and give jeff Jeff a big, wet smooch on the lips from Molbley.

    • thesinglechef permalink*
      May 1, 2011 10:38 pm

      You write blogs when you can’t sleep bc as I said time travel is tough. 6am is no time to be falling asleep. Wish me better luck tonight. Xo

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