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a new twist of “crack-a-mole”

June 14, 2011

My mom’s side of the family calls guacamole, crackamole…I think because once you start eating it you can’t stop. I love a good guac, but I must admit…I get bored. Every potluck I go to there is usually at least one version of this dip. Quite often it is boring and sometimes it is, gasp, the store bought green goop. Yuck! I am researching a freelance article on different dishes to bring to potluck dinner parties. This weekend I had the occasion to test out a couple of recipes that might or might not make the cut.

Usually I steer clear of bring guacamole to a party for the above mentioned reasons. This Sunday though, as the skies opened up and the grey drizzle caused me to hole up in my robe and pj’s, I decided that I would make a dish out of food that I had on hand, rather than heading into town to the store. I opened the fridge to find the bag of free avocados that I picked up at the store. They were getting awfully mushy and Tracy at Barrels said to just take them. But, me being me, I can’t show up at a party with a bowl of some ubiquitous dip and a bag of chips so I went to work messing with tradition.

After a bunch of internet research I decided to go with an “Indian” themed dish. I added curry powder to the avocados and let me tell you…it kicked butt. Since the other dish I was making required the deep frier and I had a huge bag of corn tortillas in the fridge, I opted to make my own chips. Why I buy them I don’t know. This was silly easy and quite delectible. I fried up the tortilla wedges and as they came out of the frier I tossed them with a bit of curry powder and sea salt.

There you have it kids…add curry and you get a dip that truly earns the title of Crack-a-mole!

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