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a very successful run

June 24, 2011

this past wedensday i was attempting my afterwork run.  i say attempt because i suck at running. about 2 minutes in my mind starts to defeat me. “just walk,” it says. some days i push through. other days i am less successful. on this particular run, the first part of the trail is uphill and so, i did walk quite a bit. finally i made it to a long flat stretch and had some good momentum going. my momentum was not long lasting. a mile in, i came upon a stand of burned aspen trees. “i wonder if there are any morels hidden in the burn?” i thought. it took about two seconds for that question to be answered. why yes there were.

the run stopped there.  i likely contracted west nile virus from one of the thousand mosquito bites i received while mushroom hunting. but all in all, i will say, that was my most successful run of the year thus far. looks like jeff and i will be enjoying some veal and morels this weekend.

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