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inspiration and motivation

June 25, 2011

Inspiration and motivation…two things that I have been thinking an awful lot about lately. There are times in life, when I am inspired by a dish I see in a magazine or on a blog but I have no motivation to make them. There are times when I am motivated to cook great a great meal, but my mind just draws a blank and I am left throwing the same old tired dish on the table. Then there are the times, when all the planets in the universe line up and I am both inspired by something that looks delicious and I have the motivation to make it.

We find our inspiration and motivation in different people and from different sources. My parents were energized by watching Julia Child and Jeff Smith.   Each month I find a new copy of whatever cooking magazine it is that I am subscibing to. I flip through and earmark the recipes that look good. When I scroll through the new posts on Facebook, I see family and friends who share recipes they find on food blogs. The Food Network has ratings that are off the hook.

I wonder though, how many people out there are actually motivated to cook the foods that inspire them? If I am lucky, I attempt one or maybe two of the recipes from my magazines before I lose the mag in a pile of unopened credit card offers and unpaid bills. Sometimes an upcoming dinner party or pot luck gets me to pull out a new dish. Other times, I get up on a weekend morning and start prepping food right away, to ensure that I actually make something new. Giving myself an article deadline is a surefire way to get me cooking. My latest thought is to make a bucket list of foods and pin it up on the fridge…homemade cheese and sausage, the caramelized onion tart from  four months ago in Bon Appetit, the second round of pig jowls that is sitting in the freezer waiting for me to cure them, the tortelli verde that I learned to make in Reggio-Emilia… How do I motivate myself to get cooking and get over the overwhelming feeling of so much food, so little time…

So, anyone out there have any ideas? Let me know, how do you match your inspiration with motivation?

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