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curried chicken salad for the soul

July 5, 2011

today, i am cranky. after a long weekend of hosting a yard sale and enjoying the company of some out of town friends, i am pooped. added to my exhaustion was a morning spent dealing with att about my phone bill, two companies about a cracked faucet, an insurance company to get my car fixed after an accident (which was not my fault) and a very slow old computer/printer/faxer…all this customer service made me hungry.

not wanting to cook anything major, i grabbed the half roasted chicken that i brought home as my shift meal from nora’s sunday night. after shredding the chicken, i mixed up some mayo, a little plain yogurt, curry powder, ginger powder, honey, and salt. i tossed the chicken with the dressing, added some cherries that were hanging out in the fridge and served it over a bed of lettuce. oooh, as i write this, cashews come to mind. yep…good call to add the cashews. red onions would also be delish, but i’m too lazy to get up again.

easy lunch…see cooking doesn’t need to be so serious or exact. let’s just hope it cures the mood.

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