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Teton Family Magazine Potluck Article

December 16, 2011

Here is a link to my latest published piece with Teton Family Magazine. The article is about potlucks. Although Jeff and I had a potluck for our wedding, I am usually not the biggest fan. Why not? People bring the same junk every time. For our wedding, people stepped it up. There were dishes I had never before considered. In fact, people are still commenting on the food from our lovely day a year and a half later.

This article is my battle cry. Let us all challenge ourselves to revive the potluck from a last minute cheap standby, to an exciting economical, yet delicious party! The recipes I used for this article were extremely simple and straight forward. (No one is going to take an author seriously who says make a 35 ingredient fancy dish). But, hey, if you have the time and the drive…I say go as complex as you can.

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