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Teton Family Magazine Food Labels Article Sources

June 9, 2012

The Summer Edition of Teton Family Magazine will be hitting the valley soon. I was tasked this time with looking at food labels….specifically, which ones are meaningful and which ones are snot worth the packaging they are printed on. I did a ton of research for this piece and found many fascinating articles and one amazing speech. I found so much material that I could have written 5 different articles. The magazine is not big enough for me to list all these sources with the article, so here they are.

Anderson-Gips, R. (2008). Decoding food labels. Retrieved March 16, 2012, from the Earthwatch Institute website:

Berry, D. (2011, May 24). Clarifying clean labels. Retrieved March, 16, 2012 from

Consumer Reports:Greener Choices Eco-Labels website provides many resources on food labeling and certifiers (

Fooducate website provides food ratings and healthier options (

 Golan, E., Kuchler, F., Mitchelle, L., Greene, C., & Jessup, A.(2001, January 25). Economics of food labeling. Economic Research Service/USDA. Retrieved from

GoodGuide website provides ratings for many products based on safety, environmental impact, health and ethical practices (

Kindy, K. & Layton, L. (2009, July 3). Integrity of federal ‘organic’ label questioned. Washington Post. Retrieved from

Lempert, P. (2004, March 30). How natural is natural flavoring? Retieved May 6, 2012 from Supermarket Guru website:
Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch website provides articles and recommendations about sustainable fishing practices and fish purchasing recommendations (

Non-GMO Project website provides many resources about genetically modified organisms including a list of foods that have been certified as GMO free  (

Rangan, U. (2012, February 3). From fables to labels [Video file].Retrieved from .

Silverglade, B. & Ringle Heller, I. (2010). Food labeling Chaos: The case for reform. Center for Science in the Public Interest. Retrieved from

United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library website provides many articles and resources about food labeling (

United States Food and Drug Administration. (2009) Guidance for the Industry: A food labeling guide. Retrieved May 6, 2012 from
United States Food and Drug Administration’s Labeling & Nutrition website provides many articles about food labeling (
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