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dehydrated goodness

July 16, 2012


Every year I try out a new preservation method…a couple of years ago it was curing pig cheeks…last year it was water bath canning…and this year, it is dehydrating. The big plastic Ronco devices had never really appealed to me. I often looked at them in the same vein that one looks at a bread maker or a Slap Chop. Sure they would be fun to have, but they take up valuable kitchen space and who really needs them? Apparently not a ton of people because they are a number one item at thrift stores and yard sales. Of course by the time I realized that I would like to try out a dehydrator, there were none at the Browse and Buy and I didn’t have the time to troll countless garage sales. Facebook to the rescue. Within a couple of days I had a dehydrator on semi-permanent loan.

It has been plugged in for 4 days straight.

I dehydrated cherries for homemade granola.

I thinned out my kale plants to make chips. (toss with olive oil, nutritional yeast and a bit of salt. dehydrate till crisp ~ 4-8 hours)

I took the baby heirlooms that were shriveling up on the counter and made them into sun dried tomatoes.

Even though I have no idea how to “properly” use it, I feel as if I have been lacking in my life without it. I am looking forward to finding more things to dehydrate…such as chicken, mint, parsley dog jerky treats.  Any other suggestions?

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