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Lasagna…I finally did it!

February 2, 2014

deer lasagna

My mother’s nemesis was meatloaf. Mine, lasagna. I have attempted it on many occasions and each time it was just mediocre. Finally I did it. How and with a baby none the less? I stopped caring and kept it simple. I was inspired by ground deer we received from a friend. I pulled out some sauce that I had frozen from Christmas Eve’s Brociole (a fabulous dish that if you have never made I highly recommend…here is Giada’s recipe, which I use as a blue print). I stopped getting fancy and got noodles from the store. I even purchased the bucket of ricotta which I swore off years ago.

And so…how to make lasagna when you have a baby who is constantly trying to get your attention? Make the dish over the course of the day.

  •  Pull sauce from freezer (or grab a jar, what do I care). 1 minute
  • Heat a pot of water and cook the noodles. Drain, toss in olive oil and set aside. 15 minutes
  • Place a bit of sauce in bottom of pan, layer down some noodles, top with ground meat, a couple of dollops of ricotta and a little mozzarella. 4 minutes
  • Repeat sauce, noodles, meat, cheese for 2 more layers. 4 more minutes
  • top with a little more mozzarella and some grated parm. 2 minutes
  • Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or so, covering with foil for first 30 so as not to burn the top.

Yeah, I know…you all knew this years ago and have been making amazing lasagna for eons. I am new to the “uncomplicated,” multi-step, prep your ingredients game. I know I am an idiot. It took having a kid to figure this out.


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