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About Pazza Ragazza

What is Pazza Raggazza? It is the grammatically incorrect Italian name that I gave to my niece Fiona a few years back that means “Crazy Girlfriend.”

What is It is a sometimes written in blog with my ramblings?  I admit, I am not disciplined enough to write in this often. So instead, I write here when I have time and am inspired.

Who am I? I am Mel Paradis, a wife, a teacher, an experimenter in the kitchen and a writer who sometimes is lucky enough to get paid for her writing. I am also a new mom who is trying to navigate the world of swaddling, nap schedules and sleep deprivation. If you enjoy my writing and/or my recipes, please check out my other blog, There you can find many of my articles written for local publications, such as the Valley Citizen and Teton Family Magazine.

I am not really a blogger, just someone who wantsnto creatively express myself and strives to get better at what I love to do…cook, feed people, eat and write.  I hope if you read this blog that it inspires you to get out and enjoy what you love most.

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